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Order Fantastic Platters for Your Next Event

Throwing a party can be a stressful and expensive task. Save some time and money, when you host an event next time by ordering from Jean's Beans of Watertown, NY. Our desserts are perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and corporate parties.

All our platters are made fresh and always ready for pick-up at your scheduled date and time.


Seafood Platter

$49.99 + tax

1# Shrimp, 1# Scallops, 1# Clams, and 4 Crab Cakes


Cost of Fish plus $4.99 + tax

1# Haddock*, 1 # French Fries,

a Side Dish and a roll.

Seafood Feast


Small piece of Fried Haddock, ¼# Shrimp,

¼# Scallops, ¼# Clams Strips, & 2 sides & roll

Fried Vegetable Platter

$27.99 +tax

1# Cauliflower, 1# Mushrooms,

1# Onion Rings & 1# Jalapeno Poppers

Raw Vegetable Platter


Cucumbers, Celery, Broccoli, Carrots,

Cauliflower, Green Peppers with your choice of

Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing

Deli Meat Platter

$49.00 each

your choice of Ham, Turkey, or ½ & ½

Party Menu

All Salads, Hot Dishes, Breads and Rolls listed in our regular menu are available for party size portions with notice.

** All prices are subject to change without notice

Party food



Small Pan


Large Pan


X-large Pan

Tossed Salad w/ dressing


5-10 servings


10-20 servings


20-30 servings


30-40 servings

Dinner for 4 combo

$49.99 each

1 3/4 pound fish, (3) 1 pound sides, 6 rolls

4 brownies, tartar and lemon juice